Advanced Technology for Surface Preparation

Better Data. Fewer Failures.

Hubbard-Hall has partnered with Brighton Science to bring manufacturers BConnect™, a technology that rapidly measures cleanliness in surface preparation to ensure consistent quality in post-cleaning applications.

BConnect™ is deployable in all manufacturing environments and uses engineered software to provide data that can be shared across departments, driving improved quality, workflow management and predictable results.

When to consider BConnect?

  • When the cost of cleaning failure is high
  • When you want repeatable processes in your plant
  • When you are changing cleaning technologies and need to verify data
        • Solvent to aqueous conversion
        • Infinity Membrane deployment
        • New cleaner introduction
  • When TQM is central to your operation
  • When you need objective data and actionable insights from your cleaning operation
  • When workforce turnover impacts quality

Which Industries Benefit?

Surface Intelligence - or a lack of it - Directly Correlates with a Lower ROI for Companies


Employing a surface intelligence-centered approach allows early identification and resolution of adhesion risks, reducing the need for hasty fixes. This strategic methodology results in increased profit margins, lowered production costs, and improved metric compliance.

Brighton Science Unveils BConnect: The World's First Surface Intelligence Platform


BConnect, on Brighton’s SaaS platform, gathers data from networked devices assessing surface readiness via water contact angle measurement. As 90% of surface failures result from insufficient readiness, obtaining this data is crucial in the development and production phases.

Digital Transformation - Why it's real. Why it Matters. And why you need it now.


Digital transformation, a hot and popular topic in various industries, raises skepticism as it’s often used excessively to promote products and services. With numerous voices chiming in, it’s fair to question if anyone truly understands its real meaning.


Partnering of Brighton Science & Hubbard-Hall

When you need to address any of the issues above, Hubbard-Hall technical experts will come onsite to perform an analysis of your operation and begin collecting data. We then collaborate with the data scientists and material engineers at Brighton to design a SAAS based approach that integrates change for delivering consistent quality in your cleaning operation.

The benefit – less risk & better results.

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