Biological Removal for Optimizing
Metal Finishing Wastewater Systems

With the acquisition of BioConversion Technology (BCT), the AquaPure line of products now brings to metal finishers a true total wastewater treatment system. Bioaugmentation is becoming more common as limits continue to tighten around nitrogen and phosphorus, FOG, and BOD/COD. Biological removal is used as a “final polish” to achieve permit limits and reduce disposal costs.  BCT products can help reinforce and rebuild existing biological treatment systems to help meet stringent discharge permit limits.

BCT was established in 2000 and offers custom blends of specially selected bacterial strains that work under aerobic and anerobic conditions with no caustics or acids as to not cause harm to pipes or wastewater equipment.

Discover the potential of bacteria as microscopic superheroes and how it’s the next big leap for sustainable solutions.


The Impact the use of Phosphates is Having on the Discharge from Finishing Operations

Enter the world of bacteria. These amazing creatures live to eat what we no longer find desirable in water. Special blends of bacteria can consume enough phosphorus to make it nondetectable in testing. While they do this, they also consume nitrogen and BOD. What types of bacteria can do this? What are their needs to stay healthy and alive long enough to do their job for us? How can an industrial manufacturer, whose water is often deadly to bacteria, utilize them in small, tight spaces?

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"Metal finishers have a huge impact on the environments we work in and a responsibility to their community to ensure their effluent meet all requirements."
Robin Deal
Product Manager, AquaPure

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