Aquaease Infinity®: Extended Cleaning Bath Life. 更少的浪费.

Aquaease Infinity is the first complete cleaning and membrane separation technology to be paired together to prolong the life of your cleaning bath and improve cleaning quality.

  • Reduce Defects: With a clean, always fresh-as-new cleaning bath, you get consistent cleaning quality, which leads to fewer defects, rejects and scrapping of your valuable metal parts.
  • Reduce Downtime: Less chemical replacement means less downtime to replace baths.
  • Reduce Chemical Consumption: Stop dumping cleaner. Reclaim up to 98% of it.
  • 降低成本: Less chemistry, less rework and less downtime help you cut costs by 35% or more. Plus, the system is available to lease; no capital equipment costs.

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Aquaease Infinity®: Cleaners Retain Their Efficacy

Aquaease Infinity®: Cleaners Retain Their Efficacy

Why it works: Industrial Cleaners and Membranes Designed to Work Together

Most cleaners are not designed or suitable for membrane technology. Aquaease Infinity® cleaners are specifically designed for our membrane technology. As used cleaner passes through the membrane system, it separates cleanly from soils, and the good cleaner components fully pass through the membrane pores while the oils and soils are trapped inside. The reclaimed full-strength cleaner returns to the cleaning process, as fresh, full-strength product. This means that you don’t remove critical surfactant from the cleaner or lose industrial cleaning effectiveness in your bath — ever.

Our membranes are used to recycle a variety of industrial aqueous cleaning solutions and for wastewater treatment applications.

"Hubbard-Hall is on a mission to help customers get better results with less chemistry. The Aquaease Infinity® platform accelerates progress towards the goal while reducing cost for our customers."

Patented Membrane System

洗衣机洗涤器Membrane technology has been available in the cleaning industry for years. But, a manufacturing environment can be harsh on most membranes. Our patented equipment utilizes a durable sintered stainless-steel and titanium membrane system, so it’s suitable for the harsh environments where it’s being utilized. This technology is suitable for pH from 0 to 14 and temperatures up to 200°F.


Case Study: Less Cleaning 化学 Translates to Significant Cost Savings

An automotive parts manufacturer was looking to shave operating costs to help bottom-line margins. The company was spending over $100,000 per year on cleaning chemicals while also struggling with persistent quality issues rate stemming from its plating operation. With the implementation of the Aquaease Infinity process, the company saw their plating operation’s reject rate drop. In addition, cleaner bath life extended from a couple of weeks to ‘haven’t been dumped in 36 months. 阅读更多.

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Industries Who Trust AquaEase Infinity Today

Industries Who Trust AquaEase Infinity Today