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热黑氧化物 & Room Temperature Black Oxide

自1937年以来, Hubbard-Hall has been setting the pace for the metal blackening industry. Using our chemistry, you are able to create a wide range of colors through chemical reactions. 一磅换一磅, 黑魔法®  blackens 50% more than other black oxide processes. A true conversion coating, that yields an attractive, long-lasting finish that won’t peel, 片状或片状.

The development of 黑魔法®, the first single-bath blackening process for steel, initiated a string of innovations.  One of the biggest innovations when using Black-Magic Infusion is your ability to reduce cost.

  • Lower replenishment costs by 20% with chemistry that is less viscous and has a lower concentration of salt
  • Lower operating temperature (280 – 285 F) saves you up to 15% in energy costs
  • Lower drag out by 30% with a thinner, wetter chemistry

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Hubbard-Hall’s 黑魔法® line of hot black-oxide products is frequently used to produce a true durable black oxide conversion coating on steel, 不锈钢, 铜合金. These essentially dimensionless coatings create very decorative, 高度耐用, black finishes that leave an absorbing oxide layer for oils and waxes that will provide for enhanced corrosion protection.

Black magic liquid products are caustic free, making it a safer chemical for your operators.  All chemical systems, such as hot black oxide have inherent risks and 安全 担忧, but knowledge and good housekeeping can help you maintain your process and 安全.

Recommended Operating Temperature浓度Mil C 13924 CompliantMil C 46110 Compliant
Black-Magic Infusion282°F接收后使用xx
Black-Magic Infusion 粉282°F6 lb. 一(1)加仑. 水箱的水xx
Liquid Black-Magic ABM288°F接收后使用

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Room Temperature Black Oxide

Black Magic room temperature blackens 50% more than other black oxide processes.  This chemistry is the best money-saving, in-plant process for blackening.  It’s applied at room temperature and saves you energy and trouble.   It finishes your steel and iron products with a uniform, black surface that is smut-free and safe to apply.  没有加热溶液, no high capital outlay, it’s your online process for maximum productivity and savings.

pHDarkest Black FormulationMachined Steel ApplicationCold Rolled Steel Application通过无铅认证
Black-Magic-RT S251.9xx
Black-Magic-RT S301.9xx
Black-Magic-RT Z403.5x

Blacken Steel and Protect Against Corrosion with Black-Magic Infusion

Black-Magic Infusion is a hot black oxide process that protects steel against corrosion. It produces the darkest black available without a sacrifice in quality.


的Mi-Tique® 打光 and metal coloring products are used to give an aged appearance to decorative hardware, 浴设备, 一些珠宝, and other decorative accessories. Through chemical conversion, a variety of metals including copper, 黄铜, 青铜, 镍, 银, and pewter can be oxidized to produce black, 棕色(的), 还有绿色的铜绿. By varying time and concentration, users can achieve multiple shades of color from light 棕色(的) to black. 暴跌, 摩擦, or relieving the surface to highlight lettering or create contrast on designs, can create additional effects. 看到Hubbard-Hall Mi-Tique®1792 打光 solution in action.

pH浓度US 10B颜色手的澳门威尼斯人网上赌场Relieving/Dip Burnish
Mi-Tique 17911.5-217%xxx
Mi-Tique 1792<220-30%xxx

What Mi-Tique® Can Do To Your Metals!


Mi-Tique is a room temperature 打光 liquid formulation for copper, 黄铜, and munz metals.

Mi-Tique: Antique Finishing


Through chemical conversion, a variety of metals including copper, 黄铜, 青铜, 镍, 银 and pewter can be oxidized to produce black, 棕色(的) and green color patinas.

Problems in Antiquing


Regardless of the metal involved, a number of problems arise in
打光 operations due mainly to poor housekeeping techniques.

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